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In advance of a proposed submission of an application for Outline Planning Permission, Chichester College are holding an exhibition at Brinsbury College on Thursday 13th October, from 3pm to 7pm  . This is open to all. The exhibition will show the latest proposals for developing Brinsbury Field for a new main motor dealership on 12 acres and other B1, B2 & B8 type development on the remaining 16 acres.

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Raising nearly £1,000 for the Samaritans, Medhursts financial director Maggie Medhurst has conquered an open water swim across the Solent to the Isle of Wight. The crossing from Hurst Castle to Colwell Bay was very challenging which included narrowly avoiding a dredger, braving the strong currents and cold waters . Well done Maggie!

 dredger swim                         swim final

After lengthy and difficult contract issues and 4 different solicitors being involved, Medhursts have effected the sale of the freehold of an A5 unit at 9, St Pancras Chichester, with a lease back of the upper parts. A price of £200,000 was achieved for the ground floor. 

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The preceding months leading-up to the Referendum Vote on 23rd June, were very quiet in the local commercial property market. The phones stopped ringing as people were waiting to find out how the vote would go. Now in the third week following the result, business seems to have returned with 5 viewings in 3 days this week resulting in 4 proposals being issued. 3 other unrelated valuation instructions have been awarded.

Our reading of the situation is that the rapid actions of the Conservative party to put in place plans for the next stages, has replaced some confidence, particularly for the domestic economy. We are expecting the rest of the year to return to normal.   


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