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Chichester District Council closed its consultation on its proposed Community Infrastructure Levy [CIL] on 23rd April. Depending on the reaction to the comments received it is probable that a Draft Charging Schedule will be examined in public before being adopted later this year.

The effect is for a new development tax being imposed on new residential and retail development in the district. The tax proposed will be calculated at a rate of £120 per m2 in the district south of the SDNP and £200 per m2 in the north. Retail development will be charged £125 per m2 for food based and £20 per m2 for comparison shopping. New student housing will also attract a charge of £60 per m2.

If you have a scheme likely to be submitted for planning this year it is worth understanding the implications of applying now and negotiating a s.106 Agreement or waiting for the new CIL regime. Feel free to discuss with Alex who has an in depth knowledge of the subject.

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