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Not one of the most attractive or largest cases we have dealt with but nonetheless an interesting example of what we get involved with. We were called in by a local solicitor who was having difficulty agreeing terms for a lease renewal for his client. On inspection the building had many structural issues including extensive cracking to the brickwork due to movement. We called in an experienced Building Surveyor and with a further inspection using a drone, we agreed a Schedule of Works that needed to be done by the landlord before the new lease could be completed, and a new higher rent agreed. The landlords were inexperienced property owners and their solicitor was on the brink of retirement. Coupled with our new client speaking little English, meant communications were sporadic. Furthermore an easement allowing access to the rear of the takeaway kebab shop was being challenged by the adjoining owner. This required a claim on the owners building insurance. After the best part of 2 years of patient persistence the new lease was completed and our happy client now able to invest in his business with the comfort that he has a secure lease for a further 15 years. Skills that were needed included knowledge of landlord's and tenant's rights, valuation, building construction, negotiation and tolerance!

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